Josh Klein builds software applications as a freelance developer and machine learning & data science consultant. He also works on agent-based AI & procedurally-generated content for an indie open-world sandbox videogame.

He began his career as a developer, then gained deep experience in digital user behavior and market-driven decision-making during 6 years as a strategist in the interactive media world.

Josh has a B.A. in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis, and has studied game design at NYU and data science at Metis. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

He is available for hire:


After name resolution, your page request hits an OpenBSD virtual private server at a data center in New Jersey. Following packet filtering by pf(4), the request moves through relayd(8) and then httpd(8), which serves a static HTML document previously generated on a local development machine then published to the server over ssh(1).

I believe it’s notable that no resources are fetched from third-party domains. It’s just you and me.

There’s also no code being dynamically executed on my web server and – since there’s no javascript here – no code is dynamically executed in your browser client either.

Third-party identities